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Adventure China Tours - Guilin Cycling Adventure

Adventure China Tours - Guilin Cycling Adventure

Over the last decade, China has become one of the world’s most-watched and most popular tourist markets, recently being ranked as the third most visited country in the world. The ancient treasures and modern wonders of China span 5,000 years of culture and history. The natural beauty, fascinating heritage, mouth-watering cuisine, and state-of-the-art cities will enthral, excite and amaze you. And throughout this great destination, warm and friendly people await you, eager to share a level of hospitality that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Now is the time to discover China, like never before!


Tour features

This cycling tour focus on Guilin and its surrounding area, which is considered in a Chinese proverb as “the finest scenery under heaven”. The 14-day tour includes 10 cycling days, with stunning views, history, culture and food. This tour allows guests to have the adventure of a lifetime whilst also discovering the true beauty of China.

Tour length: 14 Days (10 days cycling) (26-93km/day)

Physical level (maximum 5): 5/5 (High Physical Activity)

Inclusions / what’s included:

  • Meals
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Activities
  • etc
Arrival at Guilin. Airport pick-up & hotel check-in.

Cycling from Guilin to Ping’an Village of Longsheng Autonomous County of Multi-minorities, an autonomous county of Zhuang, Miao, Yao and Dong peoples with colourful folklore, its terraced-rice paddies are spectacular.

Cycling Distance: 93 km.

Cycling from Ping’an Village to Longsheng County, followed by another rider to the Hot Spring Hotel in Jiangdi Village for your overnight stay.

Cycling Distance: 63 km.

From the Hot Spring Hotel of Jiangdi Village to Ziyuan County for the night.

Cycling Distance: 77 km.

Cycling from Ziyuan County to Xing’an County partly along the Zi River and then 322 national road. Located 66km away from the city of Guilin, Xing’an is where the beautiful Li River originates.

Cycling Distance: 83km.

On day 6 guests will take the 134km bus tour from Xing’an to Guangyang, then cycle to Gongcheng.

Cycling Distance: 67 km.

Free time in the morning, one recommendation is the Temple of Confucius, which has deep roots throughout Chinese history. In the afternoon, cycle from Gongcheng County to Pingle County for the night.

Cycling Distance: 49 km.

Cycling from Pingle County to Sanhe Village of Lipu County, a county with about 2000-year-old history, beautiful mountains and caves, it attracts more and more visitors, and it is also famous for its taro roots and water chestnuts.

Cycling Distance: 53 km.

A sightseeing day in Lipu County, and visit the Fengyu Cave.

Cycle from Sanhe Village of Lipu County to Mountain Retreat Hotel of Yangshuo County beside the Yulong River by partly taking the dirt road through Yongcun Village and Aishan Village.

Cycling Distance: 81 km.

Cycling along the Yulong River on dirt road through countryside till you get to the hotel in Yangshuo County. Enjoy the views along the way.

Cycling Distance: 37 km.

Cycle from Yangshuo County to Xingping Town, with about 1300-year-old history, Xingping Town stands beside the beautiful Li River and is known as “the best part of the view on Li River”.

Cycling Distance: 26 km.

A sightseeing and river cruise day. Taking a boat cruise on the Beautiful Li River from Xingping Town to Caoping Village(Upstream). Coach back to Guilin.
Free in the day until our guide escorts your clients to the airport for the flight back home.
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