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2 Day Private Tours from Muscat

2 Day Private Tours from Muscat

The Oman 2 day tours offer visitors a unique insight into life in Oman see all there is to offer.

Rub' al-Khali Oman Tour 
This tour gives a visit to one of Oman's forts and an overnight in part of the largest sand desert in the world. We travel from Muscat through the mountains and after a visit to one of Oman's classic forts and lunch it is then onto the Empty Quarter for a night camping close to one of the great sand dunes. After breakfast, we depart on a journey to Muscat where we stop at a charming village with an abandoned mud village and a date oasis. Below is our charge per person for this tour based on two people sharing a room. We can do this tour from one person to twenty - email your requirements and we will reply with details.

Jebel Akhdar Tour
A walk above the clouds could be a highlight of this overnight visit to the mountains. From Muscat, the ancient Fort of Nizwa and its adjacent Souq will give a glimpse of Oman's history. After lunch a walk through the steep terraced fields were fruit trees, grains and roses are grown. Overnight in a well-located hotel in the mountains. After breakfast, the return to Muscat is through a spectacular track though dramatic Wadis with a stop in a charming village.

Grandest Canyon in Oman 
A visit to the top of this wadi is the highlight of this overnight tour. From Muscat, we visit the picturesque Nakhl Fort and then travel through some dramatic wadis with a stop in Rustaq. Lunch is taken near some of Oman's 4,000-year-old graves. After an overnight at 2,000meters a walk 1,000meters above the bottom of the Grand Canyon. After lunch and a visit to Jabrin Fort with its painted ceilings, we return to Muscat.

Green Turtles of Oman
For a unique treat take this tour to the eastern part of Oman. Following the coast, a stop is made at one of the steep honey colored wadis which enter the sea. After lunch in Sur a brief visit to the Dhow Yards is made. From your overnight hotel make a night-time visit to see the Green Turtles lay eggs. After breakfast the return road to Muscat allows us to visit the Wahiba Sands where we can visit a local Bedouin family in their home surrounded by the sand dunes.

Wahiba's Golden Sands Tour
to enjoy starry skies and golden dunes this the tour with an overnight in the desert. From Muscat pass through the rugged mountains before stopping for a walk through some of Oman's attractive villages with largely abandoned mud mansions and an oasis of date palms. Your private camp in the desert awaits for an overnight stay surrounded by golden dunes under a starry sky. After breakfast, a visit to the Dhow boatbuilding yards is made. Before arriving into Muscat there will be a change to enjoy a 'wild swim'



Our Tours are private - with you and your guests.

Book more than 2 months in advance and we reduce our charge by 5%.
We will meet you at your hotel in Muscat (please advise us if you wish us to book your hotel in Muscat and do Airport Transfers) 
Based on 2 people Sharing a Private Room (with private bathroom) at Sunrise Resort

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